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The Joy Of Dress Hunting

Ashley bridal gown

We at La Beck would like to offer our sincere congratulations on your engagement.  

Now you're looking for your dream dress:  the one you have dreamt about since you were little, or the one you have no idea about as you've never really thought that  you would ever get married. Whether you fall into one of those catagories or somewhere in between, the dress hunt is now on. This is the single biggest garment purchase you will make and it is no where near as hard as you think and should be great fun.

It is always good to try on dresses you truly think you will not like at all, if only to prove you truly do not like that style, or suddenly realise that perhaps it is not as repulsive as you thought.  Try on strapless styles, ones with shouldres, lace ones , satin ones, swearheart necklines, scoop necklines. As time goes on you will recognise what style you are leaning towards and narrow the choices.

Not every bride gets a ureekka moment and a lot of brides pick a dress from the first few they try on, even if they try on loads after.  The only thing you must feel in your dress is that you are being true to yourself and you would be happy wearing that dress all day and look back at the pictures with pride.

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The Joy Of Dress Hunting

We at La Beck would like to offer our sincere…

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