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Good To Know

We advise that when you come to try on for the first time you bring along a small entourage of  up to 5 close friends and family, (though larger parties are very welcome).  This way you do not get confused by too many opinions. Pick your favourites and, if you would like to come back with more people, you are only getting opinions on gowns you would consider wearing on the day. If you fall in love and choose a dress, stop looking. Our samples are in sizes 8 - 30. but are available to order in sizes 6 - 36. The order time on most dresses (including maids) is 5 months but some can be delivered sooner. A good time to start looking is 8 - 14 months before the wedding date.

The gowns have a 50% deposit at ordering with the balance becoming due 2 months after the gown arrives in, or at the first fitting, whichever is soonest. Gowns bought from the "Ready To Wear Collection" have a half deposit and the balance is due 2 months later, or at first fitting.  We are able to store gowns here after the gown has been purchased free of charge. The gown is usually picked up the week of the wedding or can be  sooner if required. Steaming and pressing are included in the price.

Alterations are not included in the price. We normally ask for 6 - 8 weeks as an alteration time, depending on the time of year. Shorter or longer times can be arranged if the wearer is living away or if the wedding date is within this time frame. The alterations are carried out on the premises. We can also add covered buttons, extra beading, belts and sometimes even sleeves (depending on the armhole shape). There will be a minimum of 2 fittings, though 3 or more may be needed. It is extremely important that you come for the fittings with the actual shoes and underwear that will be worn on the day.

Good To Know

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