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Owner Wendy Beck trained as a costume maker and, after working for many years in various wardrobe departments around the country, decided to start up a business designing and making her own exclusive designs in her home town of Perth.

The passion for style and detail was born at this time. The ideal of making the bride feel exquisite on her special day was the overriding motivation, and finding the exact look became paramount. There are only so many hours in a day and it became increasingly difficult to keep up with demand. The idea was born to become a shop with ready made designs that could be customised to fit. In 2000 the shop opened at its current location on Hospital Street.

The hunt was on to find beautiful gowns at a realistically affordable price that comprimised nothing on design and construction, but did not have the designer price tags. The collections are chosen with this in mind, with as many different styles in the collection as a whole to give a vast choice of silhouette, fabric and decoration. Fashions change and keeping up with trends is an ongoing feature of each new collection.

A large amount of time is given over to guiding the bride, and her maids to getting the look they want . Along with choosing the best accessories in the shape of veils, headresses and jewellery, the "dream" is within everyone's grasp.

So whether you come with no idea of what you want or a very definite one, Wendy and her team can help you acheive the look you feel most comfortable with.


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